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Is it in your dream to work from home, doing the things you love?

Jar of Facts offers a complete collection of interesting image facts specially made by our designers. New images containing fun facts are released each day. Our entire team is made up of contracted freelancers from countries such as United States, India, Philippines, UK and Australia.

Jar of Facts has been growing rapidly since day one. At least 5 freelancers must be working for us at any given time. As contracts with these freelancers end, new freelancers must replace their spots as soon as possible.

If creating graphics and collecting fun facts are something you would be interested in, we would love to have you on our team!

We are currently seeking:

We pay our contractors $0.25USD per each image designed, $0.50USD for every 100 facts collected, and $3 for every 200 images inspected.

What our current freelancers are saying...

I love working for because it lets me do the things I love and pays me for it too, all while still studying full time in university. I am planning to keep my contract with this site until my studies are over.
- Bianca D.

Working as an online freelancer is a popular mean to make some extra cash online, however with the tough market I have been unable to find a solid contract in a long time. I have learned so much while working on this website and is glad to say that the job is a continuous job which means I can work here forever!
- Virginia T.

Me and my friend have been working for Jar Of Facts for a few months now and we both love what we do. We just started year 10 and this job has been able to provide us with the money to pay our phone bills and even for some more luxurious lunch choices. Once we made over $150 a day and we used the money to buy the new DS game console.
- Brad S.

If making money freelance online sounds like something to you, check out our open positions now.