Food Facts

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Food Facts: Pomology is the study of fruits.

Food Fact: Pizza originated as a simple piece of flatbread, garnished with whatever kinds of food were readily available to the Mediterranean people.

Facts about Food: The most amount of Smarties eaten using chopsticks is held by Katheryn Ratcliffe of the UK. She manages to eat 170 in only 3 minutes!

Fact about Food: In South Africa, termites and ants are often roasted and eaten by the handful, like popcorn.

Food Information: Candy canes do not have any fat or cholesterol.

Information about Food: In 15th century France, chocolate could only be eaten by members of the royal court.

Food Facts: In 2006, Shari's Berries pioneered the concept of delivering chocolate dipped fruits nationwide in freeze packs.

Food Fact: The Orange is a cross between a Pomelo and a Mandarin. It was originally cultivated in China, but is more often than not found growing in tropical and subtropical climates. They are sweet to eat, and the peel is very fragrant. It can be eaten fresh, and the peel can be used in cooking. It can also be squeezed to make juice.

Facts about Food: The coca-cola logo design was not made from a typeface but was originally prepared using a handwriting style, now known as Spencerian Script.

Fact about Food: An average person will consume 12 pubic hairs in their fast food every year!

Food Information: Each pineapple plant only produces just one pineapple per year.

Information about Food: Peaches are the third most popular fruit grown in America.

Food Facts: Clementines, Oranges, Satsumas and Tangerines are all types of Mandarins, which were fruit that was originally cultivated in China. They were deemed fruit for the upper society and in the 1900's, exportation finally began to Europe. They are all a type of citrus fruit.

Food Fact: When an egg floats in water, it is 'off' and should not be eaten.

Facts about Food: The word 'coffee' comes from the Arabic for 'wine of the bean'.

Fact about Food: In the U.S., Childhood Food Allergies Cost Nearly US$25 Billion Every Year.

Food Information: A bottle of Coca-Cola has a PH scale of 2.8, and could dissolve a nail in just 4 days

Information about Food: You can see how old an egg is by putting it in water.

Food Facts: About one-third of designated drivers have at least one drink while carrying the title.

Food Fact: Coca-Cola even helped create the modern image of Santa!

Facts about Food: Biting a wooden spoon whilst chopping an onion will stop your eyes from watering.

Fact about Food: Alcohol doesn't make you forget anything. When you get blackout drunk, the brain temporarily loses the ability to create memories.

Food Information: The average sized candy cane (5 inch) weighs roughly half an ounce and only has 50 calories.

Information about Food: A watermelon is over 92% water by weight.

Food Facts: Sprite picked up popularity with teenagers in the 1980's after several advertising campaigns targeted at teenagers.

Food Fact: Green tea is traditionally made from the leaves of the Camellia senensis plant. The plant is a small leaf bush, with multiple stems, that can reach up to three metres in length.

Facts about Food: In 2000, graffiti artist Temper was hired by Sprite to create a limited edition design in celebration of the millennium that appeared on 100 million cans distributed across Europe.

Fact about Food: The original Greek name for the pumpkin was pepon, which meant large melon. This was changed by the Puritans.

Food Information: In the U.K., it is legal for kids over 5 years old to drink alcohol at home or on other private premises.

Information about Food: Honey is the only food that will never rot, it can last 3000 years.

Food Facts: The Sunday before Advent, known as 'Stir Up Sunday' is the traditional date for making a Christmas pudding. Everyone in the family should stir from east to west, whilst making a special secret wish.

Food Fact: The original name for Reese's candy was

Facts about Food: There's a Coffee Shop in France where not saying 'hello' and 'please' makes your coffee more expensive.

Fact about Food: The most amount of grapes eaten in 3 minutes is 133. This record was set in 2001 by Mat Hand, from the UK.

Food Information: Chicken today contains 266 percent more fat than it did 40 years ago.

Information about Food: Americans eat about 30 pounds of lettuce every year. That's about five times more than what we ate in the early 1900s.