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Shortly after it's discovery, Neptune was only referred to as

shortly factsafter factsit's factsdiscovery factsneptune factsonly factsreferred factsplanet factsexterior factsuranus factsmore factscommonly factsle factsverrier's factsplanet factsafter factsman factswho factsdiscovered factsurbain factsle factsverrier factsnumber factssuggestions factsabout factscall factsplanet factsend factschose factsname factsneptune factsshortly after factsit's discovery factsneptune was factsonly referred factsthe planet factsplanet exterior factsmore commonly factsle verrier's factsverrier's planet factsthe man factsman who factswho discovered factsdiscovered it factsurbain le factsle verrier) factssuggestions about factscall this factsthis planet factsthe end factsthe man factsman who factswho discovered factsdiscovered this factsthis planet factsplanet chose factschose the factsname neptune factsshortly after it's factsafter it's discovery factsneptune was only factswas only referred factsreferred to as factsthe planet exterior factsexterior to uranus factsor more commonly factsle verrier's planet facts(after the man factsthe man who factsman who discovered factswho discovered it factsurbain le verrier) factswere a number factsnumber of suggestions factssuggestions about what factswhat to call factscall this planet factsin the end factsthe man who factsman who discovered factswho discovered this factsdiscovered this planet factsthis planet chose factschose the name factsthe name neptune facts