* Senior Facts

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* Senior Facts: Field marshal is a very senior military rank, ordinarily senior to the general officer ranks.

* Senior Fact: ACG Senior College is a private senior high school and part of Academic Colleges Group New Zealand.

Facts about * Senior: John Neil Reagan was a radio station manager, CBS senior producer and senior vice president of McCann Erickson.

Fact about * Senior: The Munster Senior League is a Rugby union competition for senior clubs in Munster.

* Senior Information: The West Coast Senior Lacrosse Association is a Senior-level Canadian box lacrosse league.

Information about * Senior: The Senior PGA Championship is one of the five major championships in men's senior golf.

* Senior Facts: Nayyar Hussain Bukhari, is the senior senator from Islamabad and senior leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party.

* Senior Fact: The National Senior Games or

Facts about * Senior: Albany Senior High School is a state coeducational senior secondary school situated in North Harbour, Auckland, New Zealand.

Fact about * Senior: The Senior CLASS Award is awarded to the most outstanding senior student-athlete in 10 NCAA Division I sports.

* Senior Information: The Senior President of Tribunals is a senior judge in the United Kingdom who presides over the UK tribunal system.

Information about * Senior: The Can-Am Senior B Lacrosse League is a Senior-level Canadian and American box lacrosse league.

* Senior Facts: The Leinster Senior League was a rugby union competition for senior clubs in the Irish province of Leinster.

* Senior Fact: The Connacht Senior League is a rugby union competition for senior clubs in the Irish province of Connacht.

Facts about * Senior: The Ulster Senior League is a rugby union competition for senior clubs in the Irish province of Ulster.

Fact about * Senior: The Munster Senior Cup is a provincial soccer tournament played among senior soccer clubs from Munster in Ireland.

* Senior Information: Abraham Seneor or Abraham Senior was a Sephardic rabbi, banker and politician, a senior member of the Castilian hacienda.

Information about * Senior: The Ulster Senior Cup is a knock-out competition for senior rugby union teams in the province of Ulster.

* Senior Facts: Moorefield is a Gaelic Athletic Association club in County Kildare, Ireland, winner of six county senior football championships and three senior hurling championships.

* Senior Fact: The Senior CLASS Award is presented each year to the outstanding senior NCAA Division I Student-Athlete of the Year in baseball.

Facts about * Senior: The Leinster Senior League Cup is a major rugby competition in Ireland, involving all senior rugby clubs in Leinster, i.e.

Fact about * Senior: The Quebec Senior Lacrosse League is a senior B box lacrosse league based in Quebec.

* Senior Information: The West Central Senior Lacrosse League is a men's Senior C amateur box lacrosse league sanctioned by the British Columbia Lacrosse Association in Canada.

Information about * Senior: The Thompson Okanagan Senior Lacrosse League is a men's Senior C amateur box lacrosse league sanctioned by the British Columbia Lacrosse Association in Canada.

* Senior Facts: The Ottawa Senators, also known as the Ottawa Commandos and Senior Senators, was an amateur, later semi-professional, senior-level men's ice hockey team based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

* Senior Fact: The title of Senior Counsel or State Counsel is given to a senior lawyer, barrister, or advocate in some countries that were formerly part of the British Empire.

Facts about * Senior: The Nova Scotia Senior Lacrosse League is a senior B box lacrosse league based in Nova Scotia.

Fact about * Senior: The OLA Senior B Lacrosse League is a Senior box lacrosse league based out of Ontario, Canada sanctioned by the Ontario Lacrosse Association.

* Senior Information: The Three Nations Senior Lacrosse League is a Senior B box lacrosse league based out of Ontario, Canada and sanctioned by the First Nations Lacrosse Association.

Information about * Senior: The Connacht Senior Cup is a knockout competition for Senior rugby union clubs in the Irish province of Connacht, under the auspices of The Connacht Branch IRFU.

* Senior Facts: The Uganda Senior Command and Staff College is a training facility for senior commanders in the Uganda People's Defense Force, including the army, air force, and special forces.

* Senior Fact: London Irish RFC is an English rugby union club based in Sunbury, Surrey, where the senior squad train, the youth teams and senior academy play home games, and the club maintain their administrative offices.

Facts about * Senior: The Munster Senior Cup is a rugby union competition for the senior clubs affiliated to the Munster branch of the Irish Rugby Football Union.

Fact about * Senior: Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman is a military position within the United States Department of Defense and is the most senior noncommissioned or petty officer overall in the United States Armed Forces.

* Senior Information: 2011–12 Hong Kong Senior Challenge Shield is the 110th season of one of the Asian oldest football knockout competitions, Hong Kong Senior Challenge Shield.

Information about * Senior: The White House Press Secretary is a senior White House official whose primary responsibility is to act as spokesman for the United States government administration, especially with regard to the President, senior executives, and policies.