The Lord Facts

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The Lord Facts: Nicholas II, Lord of Werle was Lord of Werle-Parchim from 1283 until his death, and from 1292 Lord of Werle.

The Lord Fact: John Sandale was a Gascon medieval Lord High Treasurer, Lord Chancellor and Bishop of Winchester.

Facts about The Lord: A mesne lord was a lord in the feudal system who had vassals who held land from him, but who was himself the vassal of a higher lord.

Fact about The Lord: Mazhuvannur Maha Siva Kshethram is an ancient Hindu Temple in Wayanad district of Kerala state in south India.The presiding deity in the sanctum-sanctorum is Lord Shiva, other deities are Arayil Bhagavathy,sree durga,nandhi,Lord Ayyappa and Lord Ganapathi.

The Lord Information: 1 adopted child: Joanna William nee Short 2 step-children John Henry Black Mary Ann De Mestre nee Black 8 children with Mary Hyde: Sarah Ann Ramsay nee Lord Louisa Dick nee Lord Simeon Lord Jnr.

Information about The Lord: Lord Peter is a collection of short stories featuring Lord Peter Wimsey.

The Lord Facts: Malcolm Fleming, 3rd Lord Fleming, was Lord Chamberlain of Scotland to King James V, from 1524.

The Lord Fact: Sir John Home of Renton, Lord Renton was appointed Lord Justice Clerk by King Charles II.

Facts about The Lord: After the collapse of Lord Derby's minority government, the Whigs and Peelites formed a coalition under the Peelite leader Lord Aberdeen.

Fact about The Lord: Maurice was the third Lord Chancellor and Lord Keeper of England, as well as Bishop of London.

The Lord Information: The Bad Lord Byron is a 1949 British historical drama film centered on the life of Lord Byron.

Information about The Lord: John Hotham was a medieval Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord High Treasurer, Lord Chancellor and Bishop of Ely.

The Lord Facts: William Cranstoun, 3rd Lord Cranstoun was a Scottish Lord of Parliament and a renowned Cavalier.

The Lord Fact: John III, Lord of Werle was Lord of Werle-Goldberg from 1316 until his death.

Facts about The Lord: Robert Boyd, 1st Lord Boyd Lord Boyd, was a Scottish statesman.

Fact about The Lord: Samuel Hall Lord, also called

The Lord Information: Lord Strange's Men was an Elizabethan playing company, comprising retainers of the household of Ferdinando Stanley, Lord Strange.

Information about The Lord: Captain Lord Charles William Brudenell-Bruce PC, styled Lord Charles Bruce, was a British soldier and Liberal Party politician.

The Lord Facts: Lieutenant-Colonel Lord Edward William Pelham-Clinton GCVO KCB, known as Lord Edward Clinton, was a British Liberal Party politician.

The Lord Fact: Lieutenant-General Lord William Henry Cavendish-Bentinck GCB GCH PC, known as Lord William Bentinck, was a British soldier and statesman.

Facts about The Lord: The Sri Ranganthaswami Temple in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Ranganatha a resting form of Lord Vishnu.

Fact about The Lord: Lord's Cricket Ground, generally known as Lord's, is a cricket venue in St John's Wood, London.

The Lord Information: James Brian Edward Hutton, Baron Hutton, Kt, PC, QC is a former Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland and British Lord of Appeal in Ordinary.

Information about The Lord: John Maitland, 1st Lord Maitland of Thirlestane,, of Lethington, Knight, was Lord Chancellor of Scotland.

The Lord Facts: The Lord Justice Clerk is the second most senior judge in Scotland, after the Lord President of the Court of Session.

The Lord Fact: Walter Reynolds was Bishop of Worcester and then Archbishop of Canterbury as well as Lord High Treasurer and Lord Chancellor.

Facts about The Lord: Nicholas of Ely was Lord Chancellor of England, Bishop of Worcester, Bishop of Winchester, and Lord High Treasurer in the 13th century.

Fact about The Lord: Nicholas III, Lord of Werle, nicknamed Staveleke, was from 1337 to 1360 to Lord of Werle-Güstrow.

The Lord Information: The Lord Chancellor's Department was a United Kingdom government department answerable to the Lord Chancellor with jurisdiction over England and Wales.

Information about The Lord: John Chishull or John de Chishull was Lord Chancellor of England, Bishop of London, and Lord High Treasurer during the 13th century.

The Lord Facts: Lord Peter Views the Body, first published in 1928, was the first collection of short stories about Lord Peter Wimsey by Dorothy L.

The Lord Fact: John Tiptoft, 1st Earl of Worcester KG was an English nobleman and scholar, Lord High Treasurer, Lord High Constable and Deputy Governor of Ireland.

Facts about The Lord: Robert Baldock was the Lord Privy Seal and Lord Chancellor of England, during the reign of King Edward II of England.

Fact about The Lord: Lord of the Flies is a 1990 American survival film adapted from the classic novel Lord of the Flies written by William Golding.

The Lord Information: Guy I was the second lord of Bray and the second lord of Montlhery.

Information about The Lord: An